MedLynx Application Framework

Collaborative Healthcare Technology

How can the MedLynx Application Framework Be Applied To Your Environment?

MedLynx Application Framework

Providing the technological “glue” that can hold disparate systems together, facilitating integration and communication.A technology platform that integrates systems, organizes data across those systems, and optimizes systems to ensure they work together efficiently.

  • Coordination of information across systems
  • Integration of information across Healthcare Organizations
  • Simple to use, web based, use from anywhere
  • Instant feedback and approval within processes
  • Assists in maintaining compliance

With this type of systems architecture, Healthcare Organizations will continue to utilize the systems that they are accustomed to today, while the framework works to coordinate information across those systems, unify task lists, and integrate data across the applications.

Build Your Workflows

Workflows, work-lists and the rules that drive information are completely custom defined to meet your needs.

Uniting people, processes and technology to enhance patient care and improve both financial and clinical workflow

  • MedLynx is an intelligent data exchange and comprehensive service offering that eliminates data silos in order to provide hospitals and healthcare organizations of all types and sizes better access to clinical and patient-specific information.
  • Vendor-agnostic software solutions that interconnect disparate technology systems that complement the organization’s workflow.
  • MedLynx solutions range from the simple connectivity and mapping interfaces, to robust solutions with built-in business logic that solve the toughest integration problems.